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Ever since Samir and Anissa Khalife’s immigration to the US in the 80’s, the most difficult part of their journey was finding a source of clean, healthy, and fresh food to feed their family. In a world where harmful ingredients and artificial additives are rampant in almost every food product, getting a wholesome meal can be extremely challenging.


Eventually, being fed up with the way things were, the Khalife’s opened up Fresh Bites in 2012 to provide organic, clean meals with a sense of family and authenticity to their community and to the world. The Khalife’s constantly strive to provide the finest quality of ingredients they can find. All of their meats are from the most prestigious farms in the country such as Niman Ranch and Springer Mountain. Our produce is thoroughly examined and picked, gmo-free, and local whenever possible in order to maintain the highest standards in nutrition.

  • Our meats are always pasture raised and antibiotic/hormone free.

  • Our fish is always wild caught and of the finest quality.

  • Our fruits and vegetables are Organic, Non-GMO and from local farms whenever possible.

  • We only use coconut oil for cooking and extra virgin olive oil for cold dishes.

  • There will never be any artificial flavors/ colors or preservatives in our food EVER.

  • We only use Himalayan Salt in our dishes. Only organic, raw, unbleached sugar and stevia are used as sweeteners.

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